Installation & Maintenance




crossed-hammer-clipart-1  Roof Installation

We do all types and styles of residential and commercial roof installation. We do flat roofing, low pitch and high pitch with all of the available materials from cedar shakes to the latest membrane roofing. Our services include new construction roofing and full tear-off and re-roof jobs. We insure that all trees and landscaping are protected during all stages of roofing to insure that your yard looks just as good as when we started.

downloadRoof Maintenance

The roof is the most underappreciated structures on a home. No one thinks about their roof till they have a leak or a big wind storm rolls through. We check the integrity of your asphalt shingles for loss of coating, roof flashing for rust and exhaust vents for signs of clogging. A single clogged exhaust vent can cause your energy bills to skyrocket in the summer time as your attic over heats making your cooling system work over time. Hire us before you have to put buckets out or crank the air conditioning